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 Welcome to MYRON chemicals

Mission Statement

Myron Chemicals, LLC, is a provider of high-grade organic compounds for scientific and industrial applications.. We sell rare organic compounds to would be researchers for scientific and industrial research.  Unlike many companies, we are not elitists in regard to who or what comprises a scientist nor do we only cater to certain institutions. The next breakthrough in organic chemistry could come from a hobbyist with a GED in his garage instead of an ivy-league researcher working at Pfizer. It happened with the light bulb, it happened with the airplane, it could happen with organic chemistry. Myron Chemicals, LLC believes this is true -- it is the core of our operating philosophy.

If the repetition of the following statement is tiring to you -- too bad. But it is paramount that this is clearly understood: our products are sold for scientific research purposes only and only to customers over the age of 18! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE WHO IN ANY WAY INDICATES BY WORD OR DEED THAT THEY INTEND TO CONSUME THESE PRODUCTS!!!

For over 50 years there has been a small but rapidly growing contingent of scientists and researchers who contend that bioactive alkyloids such as we sell could be the answer to many psychological and spiritual maladies that affect so many today. Possible treatments for schizophrenia, autism, PTSD, and many others may be only waiting for enough data to be collected so that human trials can begin.

Myron Chemicals, LLC will break no law of the land: some of the chemicals we plan to offer are restricted in certain states. Part of our mission is to keep abreast of legal changes. However, it is also the obligation of you as the customer to be aware of the laws in the state or country that you live in. We will not ship any restricted or illegal compounds, period.

Our research chemicals are lab synthesized and tested for quality. If you are a returning customer, please login above. Otherwise, to place an order you must first review our FAQ, Privacy Policy, Shipping & Delivery Policy, Terms & Conditions, and then create an account before placing an order with us.

If you have any questions please check the FAQ, the answers to 99% of the questions we recieve can be answered there. If you have a specific question that is not already answered by checking the FAQ or the product page,  please Contact Us. If you have any suggestions about new products for us to carry we would be interesting in hearing from you.

Etizolam is Back on Thursday!

EPH and MXE are not far behind!



II want to thank those who have been so paiently waiting for these products to return, and expecially thank those who are pre-ordered. There will be compensation for your patience.

Speaking of patience, I want to thank again the people who, because of my lack of experience and any kind of orgazition at the beginning (I am speaking of February and early March), suffered through weeks of delayed orders, unansswered emails, and overall confusion and panic. Most if not all of thses messes have been cleaned up. There are exceptions, especially some who paid with PayPal but perhaps the name was slightly different, or something... For propriety sake I will not post the names publicly but there are still 3 or 4 unfulfilled orders from those who paid with PayPal, but I can't match them to an order.

If you are one of these people, or are anyone who is still missing an order, please contact my Damage Control Specialist Josh at Josh@myronchems.com or myself. Better to go to Josh first - he does not have a million things multitasking his tired old mind, and will stay on me until he is satisfied it is fixed.

I know I have alienated a good portion of my customer base, and those that do come back will be quite cautious and nervousl, I don't blame you. I accept full responsibiliity for last month's month-long ordersl and no communication; I made plenty of mistakes. If you look at it a certain way, though, you could go from being just a hater, to being a helper.... I don't even mean spending money here. Talking a second to drop an email to admin@myronchems.com or Josh@myronchems.com about any suggestions, complaints, ideas, pricing issues... anything. Be a helper, not a hater!

That being said, with my new help I believe that most orders who have completed payment (be it moneygram, credit/debit/checkEBT, or be it a money order that arrives, etc, etc) by the end of the previous business day 0000 hours   GMT-7 which is mountain time, will be shipped that very next day. That means, no running to money gram at 11 oclock eastern time to send me a reference number and hope to get shipped that day.

I am really,really sorry for anyone I inconvenienced and/or disappointed.


Myron Chemicals LLC



Payment Information

Keep your fingers crossed, but apparently we have a credit card merchant who will work with us. Minimum order is 25 and I have set a max at 200- just so that I can review large orders, possibly email possibly call you to make sure you are legit.

Credit/Debit/ACH orders attention! I am working with my merchant account holder, gateway processor, webhost, and OpenCart to resolve theses issues we've been having the past two days.. It looks like it is doubly important that you completely fill in the order from, if your billing and shipping information is exactly the same, please for now just go ahead and type it in twice. I realize this seems stupid and I will try to program in a button that ports the data over, eliminating the need to type it twice.

The second problem we're having is, you MUST click the SUBMIT button which is the very last action of the order price. Since the cc billing phase is second- to-last, please remember to follow through and click the SUBMIT button. If this button is not pressed I will not get an invoice generated, be notified of a sale, or anything.

We WILL soon provide more feedback between the credit card people and the shopping cart, to help eliminalte confusionl and I again ask you to bear with me on this just a little longerf.

Of course you can still mail MOs to 2184 Channing Way Ste 121, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Or you can western union or moneygram, for WU just click the moneygram button but follow those instructions. Please


DO NOT CONSUME THESE PRODUCTS! These chemicals have undergone virtually no human or animal toxicity studies and there is little to no data on possible long term problems, addiction potential, allergic reactions, or acute overdoses. CONSUMPTION OF THESE PRODUCTS IS DANGEROUS, DO NOT CONSUME!
These products are strictly not sold nor intended for human consumption! If we determine you are, or intend to purchase these products for consumption, your account will be terminated. It is the responsibility of our customers to make sure that these products are legal to import and to possess in their respective jurisdictions. We assume absolutely zero liability arising from the misuse or abuse of these products. REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST!
Please fully review our Terms & Conditions.
If you know of someone who is violating this policy please notify us after reading our page on how to Report Abuse.


DPT (100 mg)
DPT, or dirpropyltrptamine, is a chemical of the tryptami..
Diphenidine or (1-(1,2-diphenylethyl)piperidine) is a nov..
DPT (1 g)
DPT, or dirpropyltrptamine, is a chemical of the tryptami..
DPT (500 mg)
DPT, or dirpropyltrptamine, is a chemical of the tryptami..
DPT (300 mg)
DPT, or dirpropyltrptamine, is a chemical of the tryptami..
5-APDB (3g)
5-(2-Aminopropyl)-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran 5-(2-A..
5-APDB (1g)
5-(2-Aminopropyl)-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran 5-(2-A..
5MeO-MiPT (100mg)
5-MeO-MiPT is in a class of compounds commonly known as t..
4-HO-MET (500mg)
4-HO-MET is in a class of compounds commonly known as try..
4-HO-MiPT (500mg)
4-HO-MiPT is in a class of compounds commonly known as tr..

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