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 Welcome to MYRON chemicals

Mission Statement

Myron Chemicals, LLC, is a provider of high-grade organic compounds for scientific and industrial applications.. We sell rare organic compounds to would be researchers for scientific and industrial research.  Unlike many companies, we are not elitists in regard to who or what comprises a scientist nor do we only cater to certain institutions. The next breakthrough in organic chemistry could come from a hobbyist with a GED in his garage instead of an ivy-league researcher working at Pfizer. It happened with the light bulb, it happened with the airplane, it could happen with organic chemistry. Myron Chemicals, LLC believes this is true -- it is the core of our operating philosophy.

If the repetition of the following statement is tiring to you -- too bad. But it is paramount that this is clearly understood: our products are sold for scientific research purposes only and only to customers over the age of 18! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE WHO IN ANY WAY INDICATES BY WORD OR DEED THAT THEY INTEND TO CONSUME THESE PRODUCTS!!!

For over 50 years there has been a small but rapidly growing contingent of scientists and researchers who contend that bioactive alkyloids such as we sell could be the answer to many psychological and spiritual maladies that affect so many today. Possible treatments for schizophrenia, autism, PTSD, and many others may be only waiting for enough data to be collected so that human trials can begin.

Myron Chemicals, LLC will break no law of the land: some of the chemicals we plan to offer are restricted in certain states. Part of our mission is to keep abreast of legal changes. However, it is also the obligation of you as the customer to be aware of the laws in the state or country that you live in. We will not ship any restricted or illegal compounds, period.

Our research chemicals are lab synthesized and tested for quality. If you are a returning customer, please login above. Otherwise, to place an order you must first review our FAQ, Privacy Policy, Shipping & Delivery Policy, Terms & Conditions, and then create an account before placing an order with us.

If you have any questions please check the FAQ, the answers to 99% of the questions we recieve can be answered there. If you have a specific question that is not already answered by checking the FAQ or the product page,  please Contact Us. If you have any suggestions about new products for us to carry we would be interesting in hearing from you.

Inventory News

01/20/15  The laboratory analysis of this batch of Ethylphenidate will not be complete for a few days.  However from experience I can judge from appearance that this chemical will live up to the myronchems.com reputation for quality and purity. Physical appearance is a mix of big crystal and powder; color and odor are consistant with highest quality EPH. While I am still using the same vendor that the old owners used,  I will not claim this product is isolated dextro-entantiomer (d-EPH) or racemic until the lab says so.

Updated January 14, 2014

Here's some of the first good news in a long time: after substantial negotiation, I've found someone to buy MYRON Chemicals LLC. We signed a purchase agreement and he has already delivered the funds to buy the company. Expect to hear from both of us in an email sometime soon. We will also update this section of the website. Now that MYRON Chemicals has been sold and we have hopefully found a worthy successor I will no longer be a part of this venture. To the new owner, I wish him the best of luck and I hope he continues to run things as professionally and skillfully as Jacy did. 

To our past customers, I want to say thank you. While occasionally we received emails from clueless idiots, most of our clients were polite, intelligent, and fantastic human beings. Thank you for being there for me when Jacy departed. Thank you for helping Jacy live his dream and giving both of us the experiences of a lifetime. Thank you. I'm deleting the previous email archive so the new owner will have a blank slate and everyone is protected in their privacy. Remember when talking to him that he doesn't have access to any prior emails. Thanks again.



Here are the ways I am accepting payment as of 1/26:

1. MoneyGram or Western Union wire transfer. 

2. Moneypaks for Greendot or Walmart or NetSpend. I don't have an actual payment option for it... yet (see item 3 for explanation) but just email me your particulars and I will reply.

SUSPENDED WHILE I LEARN HOW TO PROGRAM! -- PoPMoney. Poponey is the coolest service. If your bank is part of the LARGE group of banks that support this, you can link your bank account to email and/or mobile phone, and FOR FREE zap me money. This is so convenient that I may end up giving a discount for people to use it. We Shall See...

soon.... bitcoins and maybe even credit cards. I have lots to do!
I am looking for a card processor against better advice --  I guess I will have to endure the (reportedly) traumatic and problem-ridden process of doing the credit card thing. It would be nice to think that my customers will endeavor to be as honest as I am.
We shall see, but from what I understand is the inevitable, I will be converting to a bitcoin economy. As soon as BIPS functionality is re-enabled on the site I will encourage payment in such currency with a discount on all orders payed for with Bitcoins!
You (and I!) can learn more about this innovative digital currency by visiting bitcoin.org. The following paragraph is reference that I am grateful was left on the site for me to share with you....
When paying by Bitcoin on our site, the Bitcoin payment option should appear under the payment section of the checkout process. It is called BIPS (Pay with Bitcoin), at the very end of the checkout process you should be redirected to a unique one time only BIPS page that contains the temporary wallet address where you can send payment. DO NOT USE THIS SAME ADDRESS FOR YOUR NEXT TRANSACTION OR AFTER THE TIMER EXPIRES, always go through the BIPS checkout process. Payment must be completed within 15 minutes, and it takes about an additional 10 minutes for us to confirm payment. Prices and exchange rates are based on the Bitstamp exchange as reported through BIPS. We do not offer assistance with Bitcoin payments, so if you are unsure or unfamiliar with bitcoin we are not the party to contact if you have questions or concerns.
Only use Bitcoin if you know what you are doing. This is a new technology that you should use at your own risk. If you are uncomfortable with Bitcoin, we still accept money orders and wire transfers and moneypaks.
Here are some additional resources:


DO NOT CONSUME THESE PRODUCTS! These chemicals have undergone virtually no human or animal toxicity studies and there is little to no data on possible long term problems, addiction potential, allergic reactions, or acute overdoses. CONSUMPTION OF THESE PRODUCTS IS DANGEROUS, DO NOT CONSUME!
These products are strictly not sold nor intended for human consumption! If we determine you are, or intend to purchase these products for consumption, your account will be terminated. It is the responsibility of our customers to make sure that these products are legal to import and to possess in their respective jurisdictions. We assume absolutely zero liability arising from the misuse or abuse of these products. REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST!
Please fully review our Terms & Conditions.
If you know of someone who is violating this policy please notify us after reading our page on how to Report Abuse.


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